Project Leader
Des Hoar
Start Date
December 1, 2008
Team Members

Project Plan

aglab tunics

The Census project 1841-1901 showed there had been a significant decrease in the number of Agricultural Labourers between 1871 and 1881. This event had been seen in our comparisons with Colin Watt’s research at Clophill but the timing was different – can we establish why? Were there any national, regional or local issues which affected this type of worker?

This project aims to identify what happened to those village residents – did they leave the village? did they find new employment or did they upgrade their skills whilst still working on the land?

The project listed all the named agricultural labourers and their families from the 1871 census and sought to establish whether they had died before 1881 or what occupation they had in 1881 and where they were then living.

Reference material: BHRS Vol 60, 1981 ‘The Bedfordshire Farm Worker in the 19thC’  – Nigel Agar

Analysis of the data shows many different reasons for the decline:

aglab residents  aglab leavers

The project was completed via  a presentation to the SLHG in spring programme 2009, the MS Powerpoint file is in the archive.