Project Leader
Des Hoar
Start Date
September 19, 2007
Team Members
David Bonham, Margaret Marsh, Ven Bolton

Project Plan

The aim was to create a single source for holding all the Victorian Census data entries for the village. The chosen tool was an Excel speadsheet and distribution would be via a CD format. The method involved:

  1. creating a common format to hold all the various data collected for the years 1841-1901 ; this would be based on the FREECEN template such that it would be possible to upload our data to that public project.
  2. creating a process for transcription of data from online sources – this would include rules for handling enumerators errors, blank fields etc. It would be important to retain both the data as recorded and any correction applied.
  3. creating a process of independent checking for verification of the transcribed data.
  4. analysing the data for trends based on age, occupation, gender etc using Excel pivot tables, graphics etc

The methodology should allow for the results to be used in any future project as new census returns are published every ten years as the 100 year rule is met.

The final outputs would include a presentation to the SLHG and a distribution of a CD to all members who wish to access the data in support of their local or family history projects.