Project Leader
Andrew Rome
Start Date
January 1, 2013
Team Members

Project Plan

A project to learn more about the men of Sharnbrook who gave their lives in World War I and whose names are listed on the village war memorial.

Inspiration – The annual Remembrance service in the Church Yard includes the reading of all the names of those who died, but what do we know of the men behind those names? In order to try and answer this question we have interviewed some of the villages oldest residents, consulted Church and school records, read contemporary newspaper reports and visited battlefields and cemeteries. These are the results thus far, but we hope that a series of articles in The Review will elicit responses that will enable us to expand what we know.

The research to be  presented early in 2014 with a talk entitled ‘Fallen in the cause of the free’ (from Laurence Binyon’s poem The Fallen)