Subject Establishing research projects & walks around the village
Junes Barnes
January 21, 2007


One of the main objectives of the Group is to do further original research on all aspects of the history of the village.

Each research activity will be established with a Project Leader, a team and some objectives. These will be defined in detail as the project gets underway and its scope becomes better understood. It will often be possible to find an external speaker who can push start the project by giving a summary of what is known and/or unknown. Each project will be aware of the objectives and what they hope to deliver on completion of the project.

Initial projects include St Peter’s update, Victorian Census,  Street Names, Heritage Trail

The programme was completed by a series of walks around the village:

The first walk looked at Kennell Hill and Godfrey Lane (07/02/2007) where we saw the remains of the workings in the Old Mill and the Old Smithy.

The Old Smithy

The second walk (28/02/2007) took us south along the High Street and included a visit to the Baptist Church


Rebuilding and enlargement of the chapel started in 1865. The plans were prepared by Mr John Usher, a Bedford architect of some note. The cost was £650. James Ward of Souldrop provided a large part of the money needed. The new front was in the Venetian style. The chapel burial ground was enclosed with walls and the frontage had iron palisades and entrance gates.

A later walk traced the Sharn northwards behind the properties on the east side of the High Street












The third walk (14/03/2007) took us along the Sharn behind the houses on the High Street