Subject History of Education and being a House Detective
Martin Deacon
November 12, 2008


The tlak addressed two issues:

  • The establishment of Schools in Sharnbrook
  • How to be a house detective

In  1833 the following report was given: Two Sunday schools, supported by voluntary subscription, one belonging to the Established Church, containing 26 girls and 7 or 8 boys, and the other to the Baptists, consisting of 60 boys and 56 girls. the master of the latter keeps the parish school, in which 28 children are instructed. The poor readily avail themselves of the means of education in their power.

Sharnbrook the first School Board in the county, elected in April 1871.
Becoming a House detective requires that you first establish what you know, especially if you havethe deeds of the property.
The value of the 1925 and 1910 Rating Valutaion surveys were emphasised as was the early OS MAps, Inclosure Maps and, of course , the Victorian censuses.
Other valuable sources might be the BLARS catalogue, Business Directories and the HER records for listed buildings and planning applications.