Subject The Sharnbrook Landscape PArt 1
Des Hoar
November 17, 2021


This was the first part of the talks relating to our recently completed project on the ownership of land in and around Sharnbrook.

This first part introduced the people who owned , rented and worked on the land as part of the feudal system – it emphasised the relatuonships between the people and the impact on how land was passed on to the next generation e.g was it inherited, sold, split up, confiscated, returned to the King?

The talk continued by looking at the names used for the land and established the hierarchy of Field/ Furlong/ Strip/Selion and recognised how the nature of soil influenced the direction of ploughing , the choice of arable or pasture, the nature of the boundaries etc. Emphasis was put on the understanding that the PArish was 10 Hides and 2400 acres.

The tak was closed by an analyis of the question ‘How many Manors did Sharnbrook have ?’ The annotations in Domesday and the manorialisation factors led us to conclude that Sharnbrook was unusual in that it had many holdings but NO Manor.