Subject Visit to Chicksands Military Intelligence Museum
September 30, 2015


Getting past the checks at the Gatehouse reminds us of the key role that our servicemen play in the nation’s security.

The museum includes intelligence artifacts dating from the Boer War through to the current Iraq conflict. The displays focus on the complementary roles of collecting and analyzing intelligence data and changing it into information that assist in defining tactics or strategy. The differences in technology for analyzing aerial photographs was a major factor in the post D-Day phase of WWII. Examples of the 3D viewing techniques shows the extra level of detail that could be used.
The museum includes biographies of all the major contributors to the war effort especially the scientists and the pilots.
Also included were details of intelligence gathering during the cold war period and the reciprocal agreement between officers from US/UK and USSR especially the freedom to roam/inspect within each other’s sector.
Yes, they did let us leave, no one was detained for questioning!