Subject Yet more Beats, Boots and Thieves
Des Hoar
January 29, 2014


It was perhaps inevitable that the publication of the book would bring more people ‘out of the woods’ and they would share stories taht might well have merited inclusion in the book. Considerably more information has been made available on Inspector Norman (shown below AW Norman (Medium))  and Nathaniel Martin.


Since there had been many new members join SLHG since the first project talk , this particular session reiterated the main aspects of the story of how the county police force was created against the will of the politicians from North Bedfordshire and how Sharnbrook became a regional centre with the police station and courthouse being established on the High Street.

The talk introduced some of the main characters in the story including police officers, criminals and JPs.  A focus on the nature and scope of crimes in the area highlighted the recidivists and the criminal families.

This talk will form the basis of a series to be given to local and family history groups throughout 2014. The talk will be modified to reflect the crimes in each location – bookings are for Carlton, Riseley, Bedfordshire FHS, Putnoe Guild, Hardingstone and Letchworth.